Why do I wear wigs?

Written by Ashley Sirmans

For the most part, my family & friends always ask me, “Why do you wear wigs?” I have a head full of long curly hair, so a lot of times my sisters say, “Girl, people pay for hair like that,” and yet I choose to cover it up. For me it has nothing to do with having hair or not having hair. It’s the convenience I love about it. I can have whatever hairstyle I want, any color I want, instantly! I don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars, or spend hours at the salon to get a look I love. Being the eccentric person that I am, I usually get tired of a style quickly. I think it’s wise that I don’t do any permanent changes to my natural hair.

There are also other benefits to wearing wigs. For instance, my hair has grown drastically over the past year – 4 inches to be exact. When people constantly apply perms, hot irons, gels, and dyes to their hair, the damage is irreversible. Excessive breakage and split-ends cause us to constantly trim our hair, which in turn stops progression of any real length to be added. A lot of women will find if they just leave their hair alone and let their scalps “breathe,” they’ll see a lot of positive effects.

So how do I get all this hair up in a wig? It’s simple. First, I wash my hair and apply my leave in conditioner. While my hair is still damp, I put it underneath a stocking cap, and ta-da! New hairdo!
Wigs have allowed me to express my playful personality, as well as my bold side. Any woman looking for something new should try on a wig to add some flare to their life.

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