Wigs of Love

The Wigs of Love program has helped hundreds of women since its inception, a number that we strive to grow every day. Hair is a big deal. And no one understands that better than women who are enduring medical hair loss. The anger and helplessness a woman experiences during this time in her life is only magnified by the loss of her hair or breasts. As women, our hair and breasts are often a big part of our identity. They are a large part of what make us feel beautiful. While we encourage all women to see the beauty that they possess, regardless of what physical changes their body may endure, we strive to give each woman the chance to look in the mirror and feel like herself; to be happy with who she sees looking back. And so Wigs of Love was born. Through the generous donations from women and men all over the state, and through our wonderful partnership with The American Cancer Society, we are able to receive, clean, and donate hundreds of gently used wigs and post mastectomy products to women in need, free of charge. If you or a loved one are interested in donating or receiving a Wigs of Love item, please contact us today.

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