Cynthia’s Wig Boutique is a nominee for the 2nd Annual Dandi Awards!

The Dandi Awards are presented by e2e connect, L.L.C., a local group of Tallahassee entrepreneurs who believe in collaboration over competition and supporting small business in our community.

 The ideas behind the Dandis are simple:

  • to spotlight local entrepreneurs who give back to our community while building their businesses
  • to celebrate the grit, courage, and innovative nature of those who create their dream

The awards party and ceremony is happening at the beautiful and historic southern landmark, Goodwood Museum and Gardens on Friday, September 28th at 6:30 p.m. Guests will celebrate our finalists and winners with heavy hors d’oeuvres, signature cocktails, unique live and musical entertainment and a few new surprises!

Enjoy excellent networking opportunities with business leaders and emerging entrepreneurs; learn about the future of small business. The night will continue with winners announced ‘Oscar’ style live on stage throughout the evening! This year’s awards will be something SPECIAL!

Why do I wear wigs?

Written by Ashley Sirmans

For the most part, my family & friends always ask me, “Why do you wear wigs?” I have a head full of long curly hair, so a lot of times my sisters say, “Girl, people pay for hair like that,” and yet I choose to cover it up. For me it has nothing to do with having hair or not having hair. It’s the convenience I love about it. I can have whatever hairstyle I want, any color I want, instantly! I don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars, or spend hours at the salon to get a look I love. Being the eccentric person that I am, I usually get tired of a style quickly. I think it’s wise that I don’t do any permanent changes to my natural hair.

There are also other benefits to wearing wigs. For instance, my hair has grown drastically over the past year – 4 inches to be exact. When people constantly apply perms, hot irons, gels, and dyes to their hair, the damage is irreversible. Excessive breakage and split-ends cause us to constantly trim our hair, which in turn stops progression of any real length to be added. A lot of women will find if they just leave their hair alone and let their scalps “breathe,” they’ll see a lot of positive effects.

So how do I get all this hair up in a wig? It’s simple. First, I wash my hair and apply my leave in conditioner. While my hair is still damp, I put it underneath a stocking cap, and ta-da! New hairdo!
Wigs have allowed me to express my playful personality, as well as my bold side. Any woman looking for something new should try on a wig to add some flare to their life.

Wigs of Love

Cynthia has started a non-profit called “Wigs of Love”. Wigs of Love’s mission is to provide free wigs to women and children experiencing medical hair loss due to chemotherapy and other medical treatments if they are going through a financial hardship or have no insurance. These wigs have been cleaned and kept ready for use. Wigs of Love is also in partnership with The American Cancer Society. Women who would like to donate their gently used or new wigs can drop them off at Cynthia’s or The American Cancer Society’s Local Office.

Why Wear A Wig?

  • Why Wear A Wig?

    Over treated hair

  • Too much grey
  • Need a new look
  • Trying to grow it out